Kythera Capital


Over the years, Kythera Capital Management LLC has evolved into a modern advisor serving the needs of market leading companies largely in emerging markets. We build lasting relationships with the families that have led these institutions to prominence. We take the time to understand and support their ambitions with unique advice and financial solutions and we may work with firms for years before making an investment or invest for a decade or more. We are inherently patient and look for long-term success. Being a family owned and managed business, we understand the nuances and issues faced by other family owned businesses. We understand the challenges of managing institutions across generations and making a brighter future for the company, its employees and successors.

Kythera does not manage assets of third parties but only the assets of its founder and family. Kythera invests across the capital structure to support the growth and development of rapidly growing companies or those where capital can unleash growth and opportunity. We can tackle projects of any size by collaborating and co-investing with leading global investment firms and SWF’s whose participation adds depth and talent to achieve the goals of our clients. We recognize that capital is only one factor for success and not always the most important one. Achieving the business objective in a manner consistent with culture and mores of the firm’s leadership is essential.

Given our specialization and extensive expertise in Emerging Markets since 2008, we have one of the best networks of resources and advisors. At the core of our analysis is a deep understanding of the macroeconomic factors driving these economies and the political influences that may alter their trajectory coupled with strong fundamental analysis of specific sector & businesses.

Kythera believes strongly in the principles of good stewardship: investing capital and experience into companies poised for significant growth and sector leadership. Consistent with our focus on socially responsible investing, a minimum of 10% of the firm’s profit is contributed to the Kythera Foundation. The Foundation contributes to philanthropy in the communities in which we live and operate.


Patient long-term capital and investing across the capital structure to unlock potential



Supporting the Manufacturing Revolution in the sports apparel supply chain in the Americas and Europe



Making a difference with women, children and environmental sustainability to make a brighter future for our children