Kythera is transforming apparel manufacturing & supply chain by leveraging analytics, modern manufacturing techniques and technology. We strive to deliver performance and innovation with a commitment to fair labor practices and sustainability.


Kythera International


Kythera International Limited is dedicated to supporting the management team of each of our portfolio companies with operational, technical and financial assignments to achieving business objective and advancing both organic and inorganic growth. The core of the business is to support the Manufacturing Revolution (ManRev) in the apparel supply chain in the Americas and Europe for some of the world’s leading sports apparel brands. The team also is partnering with one of the alternative investment superpowers. It is one of the top three leading alternative investment firms in the world with global reach, a track record of success and stable long-term capital to realize the most ambitious goals.

While Kythera Capital crystalized the opportunity, Kythera International facilitated its realization. International will be involved and support all aspects of the company’s ambitious goals including the implementation of strategies around product innovation, automated manufacturing, advanced technologies and software development to support the integration of the supply chain with its customers and the digital market places and advanced data analytics. However, it is equally important to advance sustainability and fair and transparent labor practices in the countries we operate to deliver the supply chain of the future. Reducing inventories and increasing the availability of hot selling items will enhance profitability of its customers and the company alike.

We hope to lay a foundation where we can double the size of our business and with only half of the environmental impact. This can only be done if we prioritize investments in innovations to dramatically reduce water usage and assure the water returned to the environment is cleaner than the water we took in. Additionally, we need to invest in technologies that reduce our carbon footprint that includes the use of renewable energy and dramatically reduce the amount of energy consumed. Our focus is also on making sure we develop our most important asset that is our people. This means that we support and sustain diversity, fair labor practices and also gender equality. We will continue to educate our people to facilitate their economic advancement.


Patient long-term capital and investing across the capital structure to unlock potential



Supporting the Manufacturing Revolution in the sports apparel supply chain in the Americas and Europe



Making a difference with women, children and environmental sustainability to make a brighter future for our children